This is a laid-back way to showcase the results of your model building. Unlike NMRA judged contests with set rules and requirements, entries here are only subject to a popular vote by all in attendance with none of the pressures of critiquing or nit-picking. Very simply, the model getting the most votes in each category wins a plaque. As always entries can be in any scale or gauge, but must demonstrate the skills of the modeler following the rules of the monthly Bring and Brag contests.

This year the traditional categories of Motive Power, Rolling Stock and Structures are joined by a special fourth category....

Three-In-One Mini-Module

Your model/scene can be any size up to 6" x 6" and it has to include these three items:

  • 1. A tree - any size or shape.
  • 2. A figure - It can also be an animal.
  • 3. A piece of pasta. Yes, that's right! A piece of pasta. There are so many shapes that we're sure you'll find something you can use as part of your entry.
Of course, you can use more than one of each item above. Your model, though, has to include at least one of each to qualify. All scales are allowed.

This year's Special Contest Category is like the three other annual contests, the winner is decided by popular vote. The rules are simple:
  • Any scale
  • Entries may be scratch built, kit built, kitbashed or RTR
  • As always entries must demonstrate the modeler's skills
This year will be another contest to remember.