Did you change scales, eras or prototypes and now have stuff you will never use? Or maybe you've just accumulated more than you need. Why let it gather dust? Here's a great way to turn it into cash with none of the hassles of e-Bay... you don't have to list, pack and ship it. Simply gather your items and bring to the Jamboree. And the best part... you won't miss any activities throughout the day because you don't have to be there for them to sell. A Division member will be present at all times to handle sales.

Here are the three easy steps to follow:

1. Price them (whole dollars only please)

2. Number them (suggest your initials followed by the number, ex: AB-1, AB-2, etc.)

3. Submit a list of all sale items for accounting purposes (item number, brief description & price)

That's it. At the end of the day pick-up any unsold items and the cash for those that sold. The Division will retain a nominal 10% commission for handling the sales.

If you want to get a head start on your listings, here are blank sheets to help you itemize your sale items. Simply print, fill-out ahead of time and bring to the Jamboree. Not to worry if you would rather complete when you arrive. We will also have a supply of blank sheets available at that time. Remember to place your initials before the number of each item for easy identification.

Click here for a printable blank sale items form.